Kharas and Hardap directed to submit clean books

Martin Endjala

The Karas and Hardap regional and local authorities have been given directives by the ministry to get their financial and annual reports in order not to delay financial planning and investment possibilities.

Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Natalia Goagoses said investors are looking for well-documented and outlined financial reports, adding that they always request for financial outlook before committing their money.

Goagoses expressed dismay over non-factual financial reports, adding that it shows lack of leadership by the councilors, CEOs, Governors and also complacence of accounting officers.

She further gave directives that before the reports are distributed externally, councilors should stud them and ask question about it before presenting it to the councils meeting.

Additionally, she advised CEOs to refuse financial reports that are not factual and send them back to be reworked and also telling local authorities to clean their houses by avoiding infights and mistrust for the betterment of their towns.

“I’m Not asking or saying, it’s a directive that speaks to you leaders that when you discharge your position, have every Namibia at interest and not those who are affiliated with you and or to your political party,” said the deputy minister.

“A leader is measured by your consciousness, hence the importance in practicing good governance,’’ concluded Goagoses

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