Khomas consultations on boundary demarcations postponed

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

The Khomas Regional Council has rescheduled the consultations on boundary delimitation and demarcation, originally scheduled for 13 and 14 June, to 27 June.

Khomas Chief Regional Officer, Clement Mafwila announced on Monday that the meeting would be postponed to allow for further consultations with residents.

He said that the regional leadership received a proposal that included input and recommendations from residents who participated in the initial consultations in various constituencies.

According to Mafwila, the proposal included requests to expand, divide, and demarcate specific constituencies in order to enhance service delivery and access.

“The expansion of the existing boundaries is essential for social-economic development for the betterment of the residents in each bestowed constituency. At the centre of the proposal, the regional council aims to improve service delivery to the inhabitants in several sectors, such as education, health, water, sanitation, safety, and security, among others,” said Mafwila.

He added that the postponement for further consultation prevented the proposal from being submitted to the commission.

“Furthermore, the regional council would like to clarify that before the compilation of the proposal that was presented on 13 June 2024, key stakeholders and institutions of the region were also requested to submit their inputs and recommendations; however, no submission was received from any institution,” said Mafwila.

He added that consultations at the constituency level are currently underway to enable the region to submit a comprehensive report that incorporates all the inputs and recommendations of the residents across the region.

“The residents and stakeholders are advised to attend the consultation at the constituency level as scheduled by the respective constituencies,” urged Mafwila.

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