Khomas Regional Council spends millions on renovation of critical infrastructure

Niël Terblanché

The Khomas Regional Council has made significant strides in contributing generously to the health, safety, and security sectors during the 2023/2024 financial year.

According to Shaalukeni Moonde, the Chairperson of the regional council, substantial renovations were undertaken at the Donkerhoek Clinic. He said that the council invested N$1.5 million.

“This renovation includes adding a new doctor’s consulting room, a pharmacy, and installing air conditioning,” he said.

According to Moonde, further, renovations are underway at the Hakahana Clinic and the Katutura Health Centre, with investments of N$1.35 million and N$1.6 million respectively.

He said the council is also at an advanced stage in procuring a fully equipped ambulance, which will be handed over to the Ministry of Health by the end of March, costing over N$1.3 million.

For safety and security, the Council has installed eight CCTV cameras at various crime hotspots in the informal settlements of the Samora Machel Constituency, with an investment of N$564,000.

According to Moonde, the Council is also assisting the Namibian Police in the Khomas Region by repairing several vehicles and renovating police holding cells, allocating a total of N$1.5 million to these initiatives.

The Council is also in the process of installing high-mast lights in the Samora Machel Constituency, anticipated to be completed by March 2024.

The Council is not just focusing on immediate needs but also on long-term social safety programs. It plans to continue supporting the ‘Back to School’ and the Winter Safety Net projects with a commitment of N$500,000 each for the 2024–2025 financial year.

Moonde said that besides these projects, the Council is geared to execute extensive water supply and sanitation programs, particularly in Windhoek’s rural areas.

An investment of N$8 million is allocated for the provision of water and sanitation facilities, including the drilling of new boreholes equipped with solar technology and the installation of water supply facilities at Dordabis.

He added that the Council has budgeted N$1.7 million for the construction of 103 dry toilets in the Stinkwater and Hatsamas areas and that the council has also started converting dry latrines to flush systems in rural areas of Windhoek.

In education, the Council is making progress in procuring textbooks to improve the student-to-textbook ratio, with a budget of N$2.1 million.

The council is constructing new classrooms and renovating existing ones in various schools, including the construction of four model classrooms at West Monte Secondary School at a cost of N$1.65 million.

Moonde said that these initiatives by the Khomas Regional Council illustrate a comprehensive approach to enhancing the living standards in the region, focusing on health, safety, security, and education.

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