Kuugongelwa-Amadhila visits Namdia for the first time
…Says Namibians should be beneficiaries

Martin Endjala

On her first visit to the Namib Desert Diamonds (NAMDIA), Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said that NAMDIA is well positioned when it comes to adding value to the country’s most valuable resources, and that Namibia could capitalize on its well-branded diamonds across the globe.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said that the government is on a good track in achieving the goals of Namdia since its establishment in 2016 by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, to trade Namibian rough diamonds directly in the international markets without using middlemen and not through De Beers, as is the case with the rest of the 85 percent of the diamonds marketed and sold through them.

The diamonds that are mined in the country she said, can create more job opportunities, reduce poverty

and bring in high income for the country if the country capitalizes on its worldly renowned brand.

Namibia is regarded to have one of the best diamond brands in the world.

“Based on this acclimation by the world, why can’t capitalize on this and make our diamonds

which is the main source of capital of the country, by adding value to our resources? Why should we be regarded as one of the best diamond-producing countries in the world and see people all over the world wearing jewellery made from our diamonds and not even know where it comes from? I am pleased with the ongoing branding of our resources to the world market, as this will ensure that those who purchase them or wear them, will know were Namibia is, in this way, we will be adding value to our resources”, remarked the Prime Minister.

She lauded Namdia for putting in place a mechanism to show commitment to ensuring that price
discovery on the country’s resources is achieved, as this will ensure that the country gets more from its

resources and not just exporting it.

This she said, will translate into better relief of diamonds and the entire trade chain of value addition, while encouraging Namdia to improve its capabilities when trading diamonds advance industrially.

“This is to ensure that Namibia as a producer of diamonds, develops the capacity to mine its

Diamonds, produce them and process them right here in the country and then sell them at their own price,” Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said.

She says she foresees this as the next step that Namidia and other government role players in the diamond industry including other mining resources need to already start investing in interventions that will transition Namibia from being just a producer of resources and not benefiting fully into a powerhouse producing for both the world and its citizens.

“We need to leverage on availability of capacity to ensure that we optimize our diamonds”, says the

Prime Minister, as she continues to stress that the branding of our diamonds cannot be a sweetener for

other people.

Hence, the Prime Minister is adamant that the country needs to make the country’s diamonds optimal benefit for valuable resources, and for share accrued from what the country is producing for all Namibians and not just government or individuals.

Furthermore, the foundation already existing at Namdia to benefit the community she says is a commendable initiative by the company as a way of giving back to communities in dire need of assistance given the economic situation of the country which is proving to be cumbersome although ongoing efforts are also showing consistent improvement.

She emphasises that this will help ease the burden of government, and hopes that Namdia will continue coming on board when called upon in helping with the upliftment of many Namibians.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo stated that Namdia has improved its status in the last three years as one of the consistent State-Owned Entities paying its dividends. Alweendo urged Namdia to position itself in the attainment of value addition of the country’s most precious resources, to benefit its people more.

“Namibia must start to seriously ask questions such as what is next after we

have established our diamonds? This is the only way it can find answers and solutions to the

pertinent question of how Namibians get to benefit from all resources,” Alweendo said.

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