LEFA Shuttle gets 250k boost from NBL

Martin Endjala

The popular local cab transportation better known as LEFA received a sponsorship boost worth N$ 250 000 from the Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) as a reaffirmation of its long-standing relationship with LEFA.

The shuttle’s name is adopted from the Oshiwambo vernacular ‘OLEFA’, which is translates to English as transport.

The sponsorship is part of NBL’s commitment to advocacy on promoting support on a healthy an sustainable drinking culture in Namibia. LEFA’s ride sharing platform has grown exceptionally in its last four years since its formation in 2018 with the help of a NBL investment, where it saw its riders increase to 140 000 and its fleet to 40 vehicles.

Marco Wenk Managing Director of NBL expressed his excitement about the new sponsorship describing it as a forward thinking initiative in emphasizing the fight against alcohol abuse amongst drivers and the Namibian community at large.

Wenk believes that reliable and convenient passenger transportation, will not only minimize alcohol abuse, but it will also reduce unnecessary incidents such as traffic fines, human trafficking, accidents, theft of vehicles and so much more.

“As a proponent of responsible drinking, we value the partnership we have with LEFA since it is safe,’’ Wenk said, adding that “their sponsorship is seeking to support LEFA transportationoffering and encourages consumers to make use of such a reliable service as their alternative when enjoying their night out”.

The founder of LEFA Melkisadek Shivute Ausiku was humbled by the gesture from the NBL, describing it as an integral important body in the growth of LEFA over the past years saying that this will boost its service delivery and its finances given the spike in inflation.

Ausiku pointed out that the trust and believe the NBL has in LEFA is another boost for it to expand and grow its wings for the benefits of all Namibians.

“NBL has been a trusted partner in growing LEFA and their continued effort is testament in the lives of our drivers who are able to care for themselves and their families”, Ausiku said.

The NBL strongly advocates for safe drinking, not drinking when driving and has established a platform called ‘Edu Drink’, which is an online learning platform that informs and equip people the impact and facts about alcohol.

“Whether we partner with the Namibian police or other industry players through the Self-Regulating Industry Forum (SAIF), we know that our efforts are more impactful when we work together”, Wenk concluded.

LEFA is an operational passenger transportation services in Windhoek area to and from the Hosea

Kutako international airport as well as transfer lodges.


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