Local markets linked to external markets – Matundu

Stefanus Nashama

Deputy International Relations Minister, Jenelly Matundu says the ministry is working relentlessly to advertise Namibia to international markets by exposing the country’s prospective commercial prospects to the world.

According to Matundu, the ministry is also considering removing trade berries, tariff reductions, and the elimination of non-tariff berries, which will provide Namibia with greater access to new market production.

She stated that the government, through the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, has allotted funds to all 14 regions to fund missions abroad, with Ohangwena specifically designated for missions in France and Cuba, but not exclusively.

She also stated that the ministry has established links with various overseas provinces and discussed business opportunities.

According to Matundu, the Eenhana Expo will benefit the African free trade agreement, which will allow retailers to produce cheap rates for everyone.

Matundu said this yesterday while addressing delegates at the official launch of the 13th edition Eenhana Town Council Expo in the Ohangwena region.

The Eenhana Expo theme is, “Reviving the local economy through business resilience, innovation, and diversification.”

The Expo was officially opened by the Minister of Industrialisation and Trade, Lucia Iipumbu.

Speaking at the ceremonial inauguration, the Town’s Mayor, Omari-Onn Kavandje, stated that staging events such as Eenhana Expo is not as simple as one may believe as it requires the participation of exhibitors, stakeholders, and individuals.

“This Expo is not just for Eenhana Town Council; it is open to all Namibians and anybody else who want to attend.”

Kavandje also used the occasion to emphasise that the goal of the Eenhana Expo is to enhance the country’s economy, which has been harmed by the Covid-19 pandemic and other contributing factors.

According to the Mayor, the Expo attracted over 200 exhibitors, including government agencies, organisations, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The previous edition, held in 2019, drew over 110 exhibitors from both domestic and international markets.

Kavandje invited all exhibitors to display their products and services and to make new commercial initiatives.

He also thanked the First National Bank (FNB) and the community at large for its ongoing assistance.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Peya Mushelenga challenged guests to sing the national song proudly, rather than as if it were a funeral melody.

He directed teachers to educate students how to sing the national anthem.

He also encouraged the regional councilor to conduct civic education for the people so that they know the words of the national anthem when they sing it and give it true meaning when they sing it.

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