Long list of Menzies Aviation’s unsafe operations

Menzies Aviation which operates at more than 200 airports around the world, has come under intense scrutiny for alleged safety lapses and violations that have jeopardized the well-being of its employees and passengers.
A search of the internet revealed a long list of fines for safety and other airport rule violations as well as regular salary disputes with employees.

Menzies Aviation tanker drivers prepare to strike at Birmingham Airport as pay dispute rumbles on

Menzies Aviation, was fined $77,250 by the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration for safety lapses, including not having a seat belts on vehicles.

Menzies could lose LAX baggage handling job over safety breaches. Board of airport commissioners of Los Angeles World Airports has had on its agenda a recommendation to terminate the Scottish company’s agreement

Hiding Unsafe Conditions Behind Suicide: Menzies Aviation, which provides “safe and efficient aviation services,” was responsible for the tug’s maintenance which killed the worker

How Menzies lost an entire flights luggage : Flight from Manchester to Spain jets off without ANY of its luggage – and passengers STILL don’t know when they’ll get their bags

USA: Menzies Aviation fined in death of worker at Los Angeles airport

Menzies Aviation fined £181,500 with costs of £21,043 after airport baggage handler suffers skull fractures and brain injury

Alaska Airlines and Menzies Aviation Cited for Unsafe Conditions at Sea-Tac Airport
Menzies employees have approximately a four times higher injury rate than other employees in their risk class, according to L&I, which fined Menzies a total of $62,000 for16 violations of state worker health and safety laws.

Airline workers face danger on the ground.
“The vehicles and other equipment we use are often poorly maintained and it has led to injuries.,” said Socrates Bravo, a ramp agent who has worked for Menzies Aviation for more than four years.
“It is unacceptable that we have to deal with brake failures, dangerously worn tires, stalling engines and other unsafe conditions,” said Darius Harris who handles baggage for Menzies.
“Unsafe and unhealthy conditions for SeaTac workers has been a concern for our communities for many years,” said Claudia Alexandra Paras, Deputy Director at Puget Sound Sage. “People employed by airline contractors have been put at risk where work is often performed behind secured areas and hidden from public view. We have to continuously bring these issues to public light because when workers are not safe on the job, everyone is affected, including our families, community and the public.”
Last summer, Menzies workers filed a complaint with the state’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health alleging unsafe vehicles and other ground service equipment “with malfunctioning or deficient engines, brakes, gears, steering, electrical systems, and tires, and other safety violations.” The workers requested a fleet-wide review of all ground service equipment used in the company’s operations at Sea-Tac.

Over the years Menzies Aviation employees from various airports have had to organize union strikes for better pays and working conditions.

Menzies Aviation Services has landed a fine after an employee fell from a height of more than two metres.
An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found Menzies Aviation (UK) Limited had foreseen the risk of a collision between the various vehicles operating in a congested space around the aircraft during a turnaround but had failed to implement measures to guard against the risk of driver error when manoeuvring vehicles around aircraft.
Gatwick Airport’s Menzies Aviation Services workers to strike amid dispute over pay

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