LPM launches youth development strategy

Martin Endjala

The Landless People’s Movement Youth Command Element will be launching a Comprehensive Integrated Youth Development Strategy aimed at enhancing the ability of young people to access opportunities and meaningfully participate in the broader economy.

This is in response to the prevailing triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality especially among young people, who remain the biggest impediment to the economic emancipation of young people in Namibia.

“The high unemployment rate especially among young people is not just numbers but an expression of the real conditions of the life our people are confronted with. Currently youth unemployment stands at 41 percent and this could grow to 50 percent at the end of the year. This is a pandemic, and we ought to deal with it before the eruption of what is termed the Youth Pandemic,” said LPMYCE leader Duminga Ndala during today’s press conference in Windhoek.

She said that the country continues to witness youth under-development with the changing conditions of technological and scientific innovations, which see the African child lagging due to these global challenges. Thus, she is imploring the government, to prioritize and present pragmatic solutions for addressing Namibia’s stunted technological and scientific innovation.

Furthermore, she called for the expansion of the range of opportunities for young people in various sectors such as sports, education, mining, fishing, tourism and procurement.

The Integrated Youth Development Strategy is intended to create a framework within which all youth related work can be coordinated and linked. The programme will require all ministries to have budget solely dedicated to the youth.

The Integrated Youth Development Strategy (IYDS) will also complement the National Youth
Policy which was approved by the National Assembly.

Utara Mootu, the LPM MP and LPMYCE member accused other political parties of not being bold enough to address youth issues.

Speaking at the press conference was William Navaseb from the LPM Otjozondjupa Regional Command. He said that despite it advocating for changes LPM cannot eradicate these issues on its own and that other parties and government need to hold hands to address unemployment.

“Let’s work together and try to find an amicable solution to the issues affecting our young people and creating job opportunities,’’ said Navaseb.

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