LPM lists Swapo leaders ‘guilty’ of hate speech

Martin Endjala

The Landless People’s Movement has listed names of politicians who should be charged for hate speech.

The party said targeted sanctions should be imposed of these individuals by international human rights bodies.LPM’s deputy leader Henny Seibeb made this revelation today at the LPM media conference held in Swakopmund.

He said they have been compiling a list of hate speech transgressors since 2020 and will be handing over these names to the African Union and the United Nations human rights governing body, with an intention to impose sanctions against the individuals involved.

Among the listed names are the Swapo politburo member, Katrina Hans-Himwara, retired NDF Lieutenant General Martin Shalli, Swapo spokesperson Hilma Nicanor, SPYL secretary of education Hofni Iipinge, Minister of Urban Rural and Development Erastus Uutoni and his ED Nghindinua Daniel, Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation Utoni Nujoma and the Deputy Finance Minister Maureen Hinda.

Seibeb stressed that it is long overdue that these politicians are brought to account for making unacceptable hate speeches describing them as destroying the nation.

He said LPM will be conducting awareness campaigns on hate speech while also emphasising that they will not only be focusing on politicians but on journalist, artists and many others.

He further narrated that any political party that has acquainted itself with the UN and AU international human rights, should take action against any individual of their political party who utters statements tantamount hate speech.

He said that the Swapo spokesperson was quoted in 2020 boasting that the ruling party is not moved by opposition party promises of change at regional council and local authorities, saying the party will still hold sway over the opposition.

He pointed out that statements like these are in contradiction of the constitution which provide for freedom of association.

“It is high time that we move to sanctions against some of the politicians who promote hate speech”, Seibeb conclude.

The hate speech list of names will be deliberated upon further to see what sanctions can be imposed onto the alleged hate speech promoters.

Windhoek Observer got hold of the SPYL secretary of education Hofni Iipinge, who is amused but not surprised, stating that LPM is known for such craft work.

Iipinge stressed that if they are alleging and they have evidence it is within their right to do so, while also highlighting that they too have evidence of the two leaders allegedly defaming Swapo members and leadership including directing insults and hate speech at them.

“Let them, I do not care, and is it only our names on that list or did they also add theirs on the list too, because they have been insulting our President here and saying all sort of bad things, we also have evidence against them of the same things that they are alleging we did,” Iipinge reiterated. Swapo politburo member Katrina Hanse-Himwara said that she has no time for cry-babies in politics who scream for every petty issue. “Politics is not for the faint hearted, furthermore, they must go check their own record of hate speech and insults to others like myself,” she said during an interview with the Windhoek Observer.

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