LPM refutes tribalist allegations

Stefanus Nashama

The Landless People’s Movement (LPM) has rebuffed emerging public perceptions suggesting that the party exclusively welcomes Nama and Damara individuals.

Lifalaza Simataa, the party’s National Spokesperson, vehemently refuted such allegations. Speaking to the Windhoek Observer, Simataa clarified that these notions are baseless and utterly inaccurate.

“Our party does not discriminate against individuals based on their tribal affiliations. We identify as Namibians foremost, transcending tribal distinctions, and this sentiment should be universally acknowledged,” Simataa stated.

He said that the LPM, despite only being a nascent party with only four parliamentary seats, is proud to have an Afrikaner within its ranks.

“To label us as tribalist is fallacious,” he argued while stating that these accusations are attempts to impugn the party’s reputation. Simataa stressed that the LPM was not established on tribal grounds and vehemently opposes any form of tribalism.

He said the LPM prides itself on inclusivity, welcoming members from diverse tribal backgrounds.

Simataa pointed out that the party’s ranks, even in leadership positions, feature members from different tribes.

He cited figures such as former National Spokesperson Eneas Simvula, Youth Element Command Duminga Ndala, and Parliamentarian, Uutara Mootu, among others, as evidence that the party isn’t solely for Nama or Damara people.

“We must move past this erroneous notion that LPM is solely a Nama or Damara party. This is a gross misrepresentation. Our doors remain open to everyone, irrespective of their tribal background,” Simataa said.

While emphasizing the party’s growth phase, Simataa questioned the logic of those who feel left out, using the formation of the Swapo Party, which originally had numerous Oshiwambo-speaking members, as an example.

“Should we then label it solely as an Oshiwambo-speaking party? Certainly not,” he said.

Simataa reiterated the LPM’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity, urging everyone to join and be a part of the movement.

“We value every Namibian, irrespective of their tribal lineage. We’ve always fostered unity and inclusivity in our ranks,” he said.

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