Luxury travel on the increase

Simonis Storm Securities remain positive on seeing growth within the tourism sector. The firm said in a report that in 2024, the international travel industry is witnessing a notable evolution towards upscale and quality-focused tourism.

The firm said this trend is particularly evident in Namibia, where there is an increasing development of properties tailored to offer luxurious travel experiences.

Simonis said the new establishments are characterized not only by their luxury but also by their commitment to providing unique and authentic experiences, catering to the preferences of modern, adventure-seeking travelers.

“Concurrently, the global tourism market is observing a growing interest in premium camping experiences. This shift towards ‘glamping’ or glamorous camping is congruent with Namibia’s natural offerings, as the country is renowned for its vast, unspoiled landscapes,” the firm said.

It said Namibia’s diverse geography, encompassing extensive deserts, wildlife reserves, and a rugged Atlantic coastline, positions it as an attractive destination for these emerging travel preferences.

Namibia further provides a natural setting for immersive experiences that blend the allure of nature with the comforts of luxury tourism.

This trend is further highlighted by the selection of “Where the sun drops into the Sea” as a theme song for summer travel promotions by DER Touristik, one of Europe’s major tour operators as noted by the Hospitality Association of Namibia.

The song symbolizes the captivating beauty of Namibian sunsets over the Atlantic, underscoring the tranquil and majestic experiences available to visitors.

Simonis said the upcoming Tourism Expo, themed “Beyond Borders,” further emphasizes Namibia’s commitment to promoting cross-border tourism and green investments, showcasing the country’s readiness to welcome a new era of travel that harmoniously blends adventure, culture, sustainability, and luxury.

The December 2023 saw considerable activity in the hospitality sector, with 69 participants across different regions. The month, marked by festivities, offered a total of 51 192 rooms, of which 19 942 were occupied, resulting in a nationwide occupancy rate of 38.96%.

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