Maersk Sheerness docks at Walvis Bay

The Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) on Friday received the largest vessel to ever dock in Namibian waters, the 335.41 meters long, 43.16 meters bean and a 7500 TEU capacity Maersk Sheerness.

Namport’s Executive for Commercial Immanuel !Hanabeb said, “ the arrival of this vessel is of great significance, not only to the Ports Authority but to the entire country, as this is not only consistent with our values and drive to becoming Africa’s Number 1 Port Authority but also places Namibia in a more competitive position as it now can accommodate bigger vessels.”

He said the shipping industry has over the past months adopted a new modus operandi of using bigger vessels as opposed to multiple small vessels to transport cargo.

“This is in the aim of saving operational costs and consolidation of resources. For the entity to be able to compete with other ports, Namport last year officially inaugurated its state-of-the-art New Container Terminal valued at N$4 billion and it is due this that the country is now in a position to accommodate such large vessels. In addition, a milestone of this nature shows the significance of Namport’s investment into the future by equipping and preparing its staff members with the required skills for similar jobs ahead of time,” !Hanabeb said.

“The plans to bring Maersk Sheerness started mid last year and it is indeed a historic achievement which is worthy of celebration.”

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