Man falls to his death from moving car

Tujoromajo Kasuto

IN a culpable homicide, reckless and/or negligent driving the police weekend report contains an incident of a man identified as Pombili Kamanja Beukes, allegedly falling to his death from a moving white Toyota pick-up vehicle, while attempting to catch a wooden door falling from the vehicle.

The incident took place on Friday on the B-1 road about 20 kilometres from Windhoek towards Rehoboth. According to the police the deceased was sitting in the back of the car when a door-shaped piece of wood was blown by the wind and he attempted to hold it back onto the vehicle but fell from the moving vehicle alongside the door.

He was pronounced dead at the spot. The next of kin (mother) has been notified, and the police investigation is continuing.

Meanwhile, on Friday at the Oipapakane village in Ohangwena, Maria Kashululu, a 28-year-old woman, is reported to have been struck by lightning while running the house during a downpour.

She collapsed and died instantly and a doctor at the Engela State Hospital certified her death.

An unnatural death was also recorded on Friday at Goreagab Dam, Wanaheda in Windhoek. A passer-by allegedly discovered a lifeless body of Samuel Eliaser, commonly known as Boytjie, a 21-year-old Namibian man, floating in the Goreagab Dam.
The deceased has been missing since Thursday, January 20 according to family members. The next of kin have been informed of the incident and Police investigation is ongoing.

Gideon Kakololo Katanga, a 41-year-old Namibian male employee of Walvis Bay Stevedoring, is accused of being hit and critically injured by a metal pallet that fell on him when they were busy loading/packing boxes of fish on another metal pallet in the vessel freezer. He was certified dead at the site on Friday by St Gabriel Medical personnel, and the body was sent to Walvis Bay State Hospital for death certification. The deceased’s nearest of kin were notified. The police inquiry is ongoing.

On Saturday a murder case was reported in Nomtsoub, Tsumeb when Herold Nawatiseb, a 45-year-old man, was found with a stab wound on the right side of his stomach. He was taken to Tsumeb Hospital but the doctor declared him dead upon arrival. The culprit is unknown thus no arrest has been made. The next of kin have been notified. The police inquiry is ongoing

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