Man stones girlfriend to death and burned parts of her

Tujoromajo Kasuto

IN the Aminuis Constituency in the village of Otjongwe in the Omaheke Region, it is alleged that a fatal fight erupted between a 27-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman, identified as Christine Brander, which led to her death. The duo were romantically involved.

NamPol Spokesperson, Kauna Shikwambi, says the suspect took a stone and beat the deceased several times on the head causing her death. It is further alleged that he then made fire and burned the deceased’s face, thighs, face, and back.

Then after he dragged Brander’s lifeless body for about 40 metres and placed the body under a small tree, thereafter he went to the nearby village and informed the residents that his girlfriend had collapsed and died. The suspect was arrested and the deceased next of kin have been informed. Police investigations are ongoing in the matter.

Meanwhile, a case of attempted murder was reported in Swakopmund on Saturday between 01:00 and 02:00 on the B2 Road about 35 kilometres from Arandis towards Swakopmund after a man was shot for alledgedly attempting to steal diesel from a heavy duty truck.

It is alleged that four male suspects who were traveling in a white Nissan double cab pick-up approached the truck with 25 litres containers with the intention to steal the diesel from the truck that was parked beside the road after it broke down.

According to the police the truck was guarded by Rubicon Security Company when a guard saw the suspects stealing the diesel from the truck and alerted his colleagues, whose Armed Response Security Officers rushed to the scene.

On arrival one of the officers (28) pulled out his service pistol and shot one of the four suspects, a 35-years-old man. The security officers apprehended two of the suspects, including the injured one, whilst the other two fled from the scene. The suspect who was shot was then taken to the Swakopmund State Hospital in a critical condition from where he was transferred to the Windhoek Katutura State Hospital for further medical treatment.

In Karasburg, on Saturday between midnight and 1H00 AM in Westerkim, the 24-years-old Moses Christiaan, died on arrival at the hospital after he was stabbed in the chest with an unknown object by a 22-years- old man. It is alleged that an argument ensued between the two which led to the fatal stabbing. His next of kin were informed and police investigation continues.

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