Namibia’s Largest Museum Set to Anchor in Lüderitz

Lüderitz is currently in full preparation to open the long-awaited maritime museum that will bear witness to Namibia’s commitment to preserving and showcasing its maritime heritage.

The museum will also serve as a starting point for educational and economic opportunities for the community and visitors alike.

The maritime museum is the brainchild of fisheries industry veteran, Angel Tordesillas and the Lüderitz Waterfront Development Company (LWDC).

LWDC Chief Executive Officer, Fluksman Samuehl, announced the planned grand opening of the museum.

“The museum will cover 2,000 square metres and will feature ancient water craft, fossils, maps, and a library,” he said.

Samuehl said Lüderitz is poised to unveil the attraction in September and added the initiative will be a significant milestone in Namibia’s cultural landscape.

The museum will be housed in the historic Old Power Station complex and will house an impressive array of exhibits, including ancient watercraft, maritime fossils, comprehensive maps, and a well-stocked library, offering a deep dive into maritime history and ecology.

Strategically located, the museum enjoys a picturesque setting facing the Atlantic Ocean, providing visitors with three floors of exhibitions that not only celebrate the maritime past but also look to the future. The facility includes modern amenities such as a state-of-the-art gym, a restaurant, and an auditorium, enhancing its appeal as a multifunctional venue.

Samuehl said the museum is part of a broader LWDC initiative, which includes the development of a 150-bed sea view hospital, a waterfront hotel, and sea-facing apartments, aiming to transform Lüderitz into a hub for tourism and leisure.

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