Mayor advised to communicate her donations

Martin Endjala

The Samora Machel constituency councillor, Nestor Kalola is concerned over the lack of communication between the local authority and the regional council, which according to him causes a rift between the local authority council and its residents.

Kalola told Windhoek Observer today after learning of a donation of blankets that took place last week Friday
without his knowledge.

“We have a process on how we conduct our donations and criteria, however, with these specific
donation, one is not aware how it was done. As a local authority councillor, it is within my boundaries to know about such donations, which the regional council failed to communicate with me and these is what spikes unrest amongst our residents and anger towards the council and blaming it for bias and so forth. Hence the importance of a well-coordinated approach in donating items”, stressed the councillor.

He highlighted that the noble thing the Mayor could have done was to communicate and the donation process would have been followed, in which they often choose a number of people from different locations within the townships to benefit.

Kalola, however, acknowledge the Mayor’s kind gesture, but said that a good deed can at times be over shadowed by not following the procedures in place, which happened in this case.

He urged anyone who wishes to donate items to the constituency to communicate with local authorities of constituencies to avoid misunderstandings.
He further said that it does not matter whether she Sade Gawanas, the mayor did it as the first resident of Windhoek or as an LPM member, communication should have been done before the donation day with the local authority councillor from the regional council.

Gawanas gave a donation to about 56 Greenwell residents on Friday in the Samora Machel constituency.

‘’We acknowledge the hardships that the communities are facing due to factors such as unemployment, unavailability of water and electricity in some areas causing hardships.’’

A resident said “I’m thankful to the kindness of the Mayor and her team for donating these blankets, it might look little as she alluded, but the few she is helping is a hundreds of us that will benefit from this donation’’.

The resident further called on Good Samaritans to emulate the actions of the Mayor and her team.

Often the Greenwell Matongo Township is regarded as better off in terms of service delivery as compared to its neighboring Goreangab and Havana, which in many cases are left out from donations due to the townships fast pace growth.

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