Mbumba applauds the unity and spirit of Namibians

Niël Terblanché

President Nangolo Mbumba, in a heartfelt address to the nation, expressed profound gratitude towards the people of Namibia for their dignified and orderly conduct in the wake of President Hage Geingob’s passing.

He said that throughout the three weeks of national mourning, Namibians across the country came together in an outstanding display of unity, resilience, and grace while paying tribute to Geingob’s enduring legacy.

Mbumba commended the nation for its collective spirit during this period of profound loss, highlighting how Namibians “held hands in mourning and honour of Geingob’s legacy in the most befitting manner.”

The President remarked on the awe-inspiring resilience and unity of purpose demonstrated by the citizens, which served not only as a tribute to the late Head of State but also showcased the strength of the national character.

He also extended his gratitude for the consoling messages, gestures of love, and uplifting songs of endearment directed towards the Geingob family, stressing the nation’s capacity for compassion and solidarity during times of grief.

President Mbumba acknowledged the support and presence of foreign leaders and international friends at the funeral service, emphasizing how their sympathy and assistance provided solace to Namibians navigating this difficult period.

In his message, Mbumba also extended gratitude to Heads of State, government leaders, and the international community for their messages of condolence, solidarity, and assistance.

This outpouring of international support, according to the President, not only solidified the bonds of friendship but also highlighted Namibia’s role as a cherished member of the global community.

Mbumba called on all Namibians to honour President Geingob’s life through their actions and to let the spirit of unity and solidarity guide them forward.

“The dignified manner in which the nation mourned the death is the highest tribute to his memory and a testament to the enduring strength and character of the Namibian people,” he said.

Mbumba urged Namibians to continue building on the foundations of the “Namibian House,” stressing that unity is the nation’s strength in fostering a caring and better future.

The interment of President Geingob at Heroes Acre last Sunday marked the culmination of a period of national mourning, during which Namibians and friends from around the world commemorated the remarkable life and leadership of a national hero.

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