Meet Outapi Spitting Cobras Sport Club: A Rising Powerhouse in Omusati Sports Scene

Outapi, Omusati – Outapi Spitting Cobras Sport Club is a force to be reckoned with in the sporting landscape of Omusati. Formerly operating under Young Brave FC, the club took a bold step towards independence in 2022, marking a new chapter in its history.

What began as a women’s football initiative has blossomed into a dual-gender powerhouse. The Outapi Spitting Cobras Sport Club now boasts a thriving women’s football team set to compete in the Omusati Women’s League and a men’s football team, proudly representing Omusati in the 3rd division.

Last year, the club held its inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM), a pivotal moment that shaped its destiny. The committee, entrusted with steering the club to greater heights, was meticulously selected. The leadership includes Chairman Endjala Petrus, Vice Chair Shihome Pius, and a dedicated team of individuals filling crucial roles such as Treasurers Maria Matias, Anghuwo Secilia, Shikongo Helena, and Secretary Abel Paulina.

Under the adept management of Team Managers James Naboth for the men’s team and Andreas Hertha for the women’s team, Outapi Spitting Cobras Sport Club has seen remarkable growth. The coaching staff, headed by Boys Head Coach Simson Paulus and assisted by Ambuda Joseph, ensures the men’s team is finely tuned. For the women’s team, Head Coach Shetunyenga Jerobeam, alongside Assistant Coach Simson Paulus, adds a touch of expertise that reflects in their performance on the field.

The club has already etched its name in history books by securing victory in three major tournaments in the North, demonstrating prowess and determination. Additionally, they clinched the runner-up position in another prestigious competition. The Spitting Cobras are setting their sights on even greater triumphs, fueled by the collective aspiration to bring pride to their community.

With a focus on improving the lives of people in the vicinity, the club conducts peer education sessions before training, contributing to the holistic development of its members. The aim is not only to create skilled athletes but also responsible and informed citizens.

The club has a membership of over 85 individuals, including players and management.

Team Picture

Back row from left to right:

Shinana Pretta, Komeya Loide, Malyenge Asteria, Abel Paulina, Shikongo Helena, Timoteus Salome, Anghuwo Secilia

Bottom row left to right:

Amukwaya Ruth, Iitembu Fransina , Alweendo Helena, Nekwaya Magdalena, Ekandjo Veronika, Iitembu Selma and Joshua Ndeshihafela

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