Members of the public urged to stay vigilant amidst state funeral

Martin Endjala

As the nation comes together to mourn the passing of late President Hage Geingob and pay their last respects, motorists and pedestrians have been advised to prioritise safety on the roads during this solemn period and remain vigilant at all times.

With the funeral proceedings of the late President approaching, an increase in traffic flow into Windhoek across various routes is expected, and as such, the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) is strongly urging all motorists and road users to exercise utmost caution, patience, and vigilance during this time.

MVA Funds Chief Executive Officer Rosalia Martins-Hausiku emphasised that the safety of all road users is paramount, and it is incumbent upon everyone to contribute to a safe and orderly traffic environment.

“We appeal to all motorists to adhere to speed limits, avoid reckless driving and exercise patience on the roads, especially amidst heightened traffic. We call upon pedestrians to be equally vigilant and cautious, using designated pedestrian crossings and pathways wherever available.

Let us honour the memory of our late President by demonstrating responsibility and respect for one another on the roads. Together, we can mitigate the risk of accidents and tragedies during this sombre time,” said the CEO.

Furthermore, she stressed that for any emergencies and reporting of road crashes, the public is encouraged to contact the MVA Fund’s toll-free accident response number 9682 to ensure quick response and assistance.

She hopes for all Namibians to navigate through this period with the utmost care and consideration for one another.

Additionally, 27 countries are expected to be in Namibia this week, and a ceremonial procession of the late President is set to take place on Friday through the streets of the capital city, for Namibians to pay their respects.

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