African Stars 3-1 Orlando Pirates

With a star studded lineup minus the 2022 League winning coach, African Stars continued where they stopped last season. With the advantage of having being active though out the year, it gave them the edge against hastily assembled Ali Akhan Orlando Pirates.

With Orlando Pirates calling in the experience of Riaan Cloete, it was a close call, and match fitness played a big role in the matchup between the two team.

Young African 0-2 FC Ongos

A dream start for FC Ongos away from home to the Cattle country kings, was a good motivation for the assistant Coach, who was given the reign in the absence of the head coach who is away with the Brave Gladiators.

Blue Waters 3-1 Okakarara Young Warriors

Despite bring along a sizeable crowd, Okakarara Young Warriors were no match for experienced Omeya squad. With atleast a goal as a consolation, it was a good trip for the newly promoted team.

Julinho Sporting 0-0 Life Fighters

With a newly acquired financial backer, Julihno Sporting pulled all stop to make sure that the purple nation could only walk away with a point.

Other Results

Saturday 16 September 2023

Okahandja United 0-1 UNAM FC

Young Brazilians 0-2 Khomas Nampol

Sunday 17 September 2023

Civics 0-1 Tigers Eeshoke Chula Chula 2-1 Mighty Gunners

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