Ministers accused of dodging questions in parliament

Stefanus Nashama

Elma Dienda, the chief whip for the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) in the national assembly, has criticised the ministers for avoiding answering questions in parliament.

Dienda made the remarks on Monday in an interview with the Windhoek Observer.

According to Dienda, it is always a problem for the ministers to come to Parliament on Thursday when they have to answer questions.

“It is not the first time for ministers to absent from parliament on Thursday. It is always an issue just because they do not want to answer questions,” she said.

Last week, while parliamentarians had just returned from a break, they failed to meet the quorum twice, on Tuesday and Thursday.

The Speaker of the National Assembly had to adjourn the parliament session.

Dienda claimed that with ministers not attending parliament sessions, there is no separation of power.

“Where is the separation of power if ministers do not come to parliament,” she asked.

Despite accusing ministers of having dodged questions in parliament, Dienda expressed that another reason for parliamentarians not forming a quorum is due to campaigns and rallies.

She said it was not the first time the country has gone through an election year.

“It is not the first time we are having elections. Ministers should attend parliament,” she insisted.

According to Dienda, she informed the secretary of the national assembly of her party members who were not able to attend the parliament session due to the rally that took place in Opuwo.

She added that PDM members will, however, be in parliament this week.

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