Miracle birth in the middle of the bush

Martin Endjala

THE help of two men, who has no medical experience, enabled a young San woman from the Kavango East Region, Dominga Nxharu Hausiku, to give birth to a little baby girl in the middle of the bush.

The 26-year-old mother was able to deliver the baby on 6 March this year when the driver of a Recon Africa vehicle, Jonas Siteketa (35) saw the expression of excruciating pain on her face while he passed by her on the road. Siteketa who was accompanied by the 23-year-old Junion Balzar stopped along the road to find out if the can help the young woman.

When she informed the men that she suspects that she might have gone into labour they decided to drive her to the nearest clinic in order for her te receive proper medical help.

While only half way to the clinic Hausiku started experiencing more intense pains and cramps.

The two men decided to stop where they were and spread a blanket on the ground next to the road for the expecting mother to lie on.

Siteketa, who never before had to deliver a baby and who only received some first aid training from Recon Africa, kneeled next to the young woman and assisted her to give birth.

The driver of the mining company vehicle said he was overwhelmed with intense joy and experienced some shock after the baby was born.

“This experience is hard to explain, all I can recall was that I felt something pushing me to do it and I just did it with no fear at all. I also remember the woman’s husband crying with joy after the baby was born healthy,” he said.After he placed the little girl in her mother’s arms Siteketa called ahead to the clinic to inform the staff that the bay was already born. The clinic still sent an ambulance and when the medics arrived on the scene, they found a very happy mother and healthy little baby.

The medical team cleaned both mother and baby and they were then transported to the clinic for medical examinations and further observation. The were both declared in good health and discharged.

Siteketa said that when he was faced with a woman in pain next to the road, he was left with no choice but to bend the company’s rules which prohibits employees to provide transport to members of local communities.

“At that moment I was not thinking of rules. I did not care, because I could tell from the expression on her face that she was in severe pain and I had no choice but to help her,” Siteketa said

Hausiku said that on the day of the birth, she and her husband walked from their home in a village to the main road flag down a vehicle to take her to the clinic. On the way and while next to the main road, she had to endure sharp pains and cramps for several hours.

She added that she was very relieved when the men from Recon Africa eventually stopped next to her and asked her if they could be of assistance and then promptly took her to the clinic.

According to Hausiku, she and her newborn daughter will still have to travel long distances from the village to the main road and the on to the clinic for her regular medical check-ups. She said that sometimes people from nearby villages might assist but transport is not readily available.

Because of his good heart and willingness to help the young mother asked Siteketa – the Miracle Man as some people are now calling him – to name the baby.

It was an offer he could not refuse and he promptly named the baby girl Recon, saying that it was because of the training from the mining company while in their employ that he was able to assist with the birth in the middle of the bush.

Siteketa said the 6th of March 2023 is a day that he will never forget, because he never imagined that one day he will ever be in a position to help someone deliver a baby. He also expressed joy and relief that nothing went wrong.

When the Recon Africa driver realized that Hausiku and her husband, the 39-year-old Mathias Nambase was from the San community they even went one step further and donated nappies and other necessities to the mother and baby.

After the story of the miracle birth in the bush started doing the rounds, Siteketa’s colleagues at Recon Africa decided to follow suit in donating items to the young mother and her baby.

Since the birth, Siteketa even had to drive to Windhoek to pick up more donations from his colleagues in Windhoek to deliver to the young mother.

Marvin Sanzila, the Manager of the two drivers said that upon hearing the story, he was stunned. He added that felt touched and proud and said that he has no idea how Siteketa managed to assist with the birth in the middle of the bush.

“You do not get to experience this kind of thing in today’s world, although historically, this is how our ancestors used to do it. To see it being done first-hand, it must have been terrifying for the two young men. This was a miracle that manifested right in front of us. It is hard to explain, but am very proud of them and they deserve all the credit,” Sanzila added.

Sanzila Also said that the San community are amongst the most marginalised people in the country, and seeing that they had nothing, he knew he had to do something and donate items, he further commended the husband for sticking with his wife through these tough times.

Meanwhile, Recon Africa Spokesperson, Ndapewaoshali Shapwanale, said that the company was pleased and deeply grateful and humbled after hearing what its employees did for the community.

She said that besides exploring in the region, the company also supports various community services through its different programs such as emergency response training for its employees.

She added that they are pleased to see training of the company’s employees paying off, as it does not only benefit the company but surrounding communities that might need emergency assistance.

“The approach to ensure that communities are included and benefit from Recon Africa’s services is clearly working, as communities are being uplifted and taken care of, which is what the company will continuously strive for,” she said.

She emphasized that services to local communities are vital and this is why the company will continue to honour its social responsibilities and also to train community members in emergency responses.

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