Misinformation could lead to loss of lives

Martin Endjala

The Ministry of Health and Social Service Executive Director Ben Nangombe has called on the public to ignore misinformation being spread on social media both in voice and note clips by certain individuals against vaccination.

The clips have led to public inundating the ministry with clarifications over the last three weeks.

Nangombe also revealed that there had been several threats against vaccination teams and regional directors, emanating from the misinformation circulated.

The ministry has assured the public that Namibia only uses WHO authorised vaccines for children and adolescents and would only\ introduce other vaccines and medical interventions as prescribed by the WHO, the Executive Director said in reaction to the negative publicity regarding vaccination of children and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17.

Among the misinformation campaigns is that the ministry is paid by outside entities to coerce people to get vaccinated as part of a depopulation agenda. ‘’These claims are mischievous, detrimental to the fight against Covid-19 and devoid of truth. These contrived claims are engineered to deter people from getting vaccinated,’’ Nangombe pointed out.

The false information, he continued will lead to some segments of the population becoming hesitant to get vaccinated, and called on the public to avoid and distance themselves from spreading these rumours.

He called on the Namibian nation to fight against Covid-19 as a united front to defeat the pandemic that is still not over and to prevent any further loss of lives.



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