MoHSS aims to set new standards with Performance Management System

Niël Terblanché

In an ambitious stride towards reforming health care services, the Ministry of Health and Social Services is leading with the introduction of a new Performance Management System (PMS), in its efforts to enhance service quality and efficiency.

This initiative is part of a series of directives emanating from its National Management Development Forum, aimed at elevating the standards of health care delivery across the nation.

At the heart of these reforms is the ministry’s commitment to fully implement the PMS, a task that has presented its share of challenges.

Ben Nangombe, the ministry’s Executive Director, has been instrumental in driving these reforms.

These efforts have already begun to bear fruit, as evidenced by an increase in performance reviews for the 2023/24 period, signaling a growing embrace of the new system compared to previous cycles.

“The journey towards the full implementation of the PMS is crucial for our mission to provide superior health care services to our citizens,” Nangombe remarked.

He said that the ministry is determined to continue pushing for the system’s complete adoption, underscoring its potential to transform the landscape of health service delivery.

Further bolstering this transformative agenda is the introduction of Customer Service Charters, a move designed to clearly outline the expectations of clients when accessing health facilities.

These charters, which have received the green light from the Office of the Prime Minister and are set for implementation from 1 April 2024, represent a significant step towards enhancing patient satisfaction and service transparency.

Additionally, the ministry has made significant headway in finalizing the Policy Framework on Universal Health Coverage, another cornerstone directive aimed at ensuring accessible, equitable, and quality health care for all citizens.

This framework lays the foundation for a health care system that not only meets but exceeds the needs of the nation’s populace, moving closer to the goal of universal health coverage.

The series of initiatives spearheaded by the Ministry of Health and Social Services, from the implementation of the Performance Management System to the establishment of Customer Service Charters and the development of a universal health coverage policy, reflect a comprehensive approach to reforming health care services.

These efforts highlight the ministry’s dedication to improving the health and well-being of its citizens, setting new benchmarks for excellence in health care delivery.

As these initiatives roll out, the ministry’s vision for a reformed and revitalized health care system is set to become a reality, promising a future where quality health services are accessible to every citizen.

With a clear focus on efficiency, accountability, and patient satisfaction, the Ministry of Health and Social Services is poised to usher in a new era of health care in the nation, making significant strides towards better health outcomes and enhanced service quality for all.

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