More corporates encouraged to join MTC initiative

Martin Endjala

The Deputy Minister of Sports, Youth and National Service, has urged businesses to join the MTC’s ‘’we race together’’ initiative.

Emma Kantema-Gaomas said: ‘’We still encourage corporations to participate because it will make a significant impact.

Gaomas extended the invite during a MTC press conference in Windhoek yesterday.

The initiative aims to raise funds to combat social issues that are impeding the development of a strong Namibian community by establishing cultural togetherness initiatives and raising funds for charitable causes for social good.

Corporates such as Namib Mills, Shoprite, and MTC have registered their participation with contributions of N$120 000 each, while Erongo Marine Enterprise has pledged N$90 000 and the Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA), Namibia Airports Company, and Namport having each pledged N$30 000 this month.

Kantema-Gaomas stressed that it is more than just a fun and charitable event. ‘’Think about the impact you’re having on vulnerable communities, especially during the events that have unfolded as a result of the pandemic, which has weakened our economy,’’ she bemoaned.

She urged all youthful Cabinet members to take part and to support the noble initiative.

Additionally, the ministry she said will continue to promote patriotism through its sports centre, hence their decision to take part in the initiative and bring cohesiveness between people.

John Ekongo, MTC Corporate communication manager stated that the social program idea is to hold hands and to collect more funds to assist the vulnerable communities.

“We appreciate your gallant efforts despite the impact of your budgets due to unprecedented events, you still decided to help and we are grateful,” he said.

The NAMPOL public relations office deputy commissioner Kauna Shikwambi also echoed their

excitement about the initiative, pointing out that their objectives of nation building particularly when it comes to fighting gender-based violence correlate with initiative.

“We are always racing and even if we are not pledging any funds as an organization, the initiative is one that NAMPOL could not miss,’’ she emphasized.

The Namibia Revenue Agency (NAMRA) head of strategic communication, stakeholder engagement and taxpayer education, Steven Ndorokaze, said the agency looks forward to networking with the different corporations, emphasizing that it is more than just a gathering of catching up in an informal setting.

He pointed out that there is a competition element to it and the opportunity to know what is going to happen at the very end with the funds gathered, “it is where we align ourselves”.

“NAMRA aspires to be a world class revenue agency serving with passion to positively impact every Namibia and it is there where we align ourselves and there is no way we were going to miss out on something like this,” said Ndorokaze.

Paulo Coelho marketing communication and PR manager of the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (NAMCOR) said as the national oil company in Namibia, they

appreciate the initiative, which is aimed at social concerns and social issues. “It is about having a legacy mind set and the seed we plant today will allow us to reap a nice harvest in the future,” he stated.

At the press conference, pledges were put forward by Price WaterHouse Coopers (PWC) who pledged N$30 000, NAMCOR N$60 000, NAMRA N$30 000, Bonlife N$30 000 as well as NORED which pledged an undisclosed amount NORED is the only company from the northern regions so far. The head of corporate communication and marketing officer Simon Lukas, applauded MTC for their great initiative, urging cooperates to come and race together for community capacity building and economic emancipation.

According to Coach Letu, all the coaches are ready to receive participants, highlighting that training already begun yesterday with the first team, assuring participants that they will get the best preparations from Namibia’s elite coaches.

Letu cautioned participants that they will not only come and run one race, saying that there is also a 4×100 competition. “We are going to make you run,” he said. The event is slated for the 23rd of April at the Independence Stadium and preparations are already in full swing, confirmed Ekongo.





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