More mineworkers join the Revolutionary Union

Stefanus Nashama

The Revolutionary Union (RU) says 60 mineworkers from Bureau Veritas which operates in the mining sector at Dundee Mine in Tsumeb and Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining (PTY) LTD in Lüderitz joined their ranks on Monday.

The Union’s Proletariat Central Secretary, Julius Natangwe, yesterday confirmed this in an interview with the Windhoek Observer.

He said the Union received the employees’ applications on Friday, acknowledged and processed the applications, and informed the employers of the workers’ decision.

“The two employers responded that they have received our notification and acknowledged RU to represent their employees,” he said.

Natangwe said some of the employees who joined the RU on Monday were not part of any trade union while others resigned from other trade unions. He, however, did not specify from which trade unions some of the employees resigned to join the RU.

He also indicated that over 500 workers from different employers and companies have already joined the RU across the country.

“The Union is still young but employees from different companies have shown interest to join the Union, and we expect a bigger number to join in the future,” he said.

Natangwe said RU is not against any investor or employer in the country, however, both investors and employers should respect the workers.

“There should be no abuse and exploitation of workers. Employers should work together with employees and should value every single work done by employees,” he said.

He also claimed that employees are tired and fed up with the unions that have been failing them and as a result, they joined the RU.

“Sometimes employees are scared of being victimized by their employers. That is why we do not mention their names without their consent. Those employees that recently announced their membership are not the only ones who have joined the Union,” he stated.

Natangwe said the RU will not sell out any of their new members. He added that the union will work hard to ensure that the interest of the employees is represented in the country.

A mineworker, who is only identified by his name Andreas, said he was working in a mining company at Karibib and his contract was terminated unfairly. He then informed the RU who came and fought for the renewal of his contract. He is now back at work.

Asked about the contact details of other mineworkers who joined the Union on Monday, Natangwe said he was not able to give contact details as per the agreement.

“We cannot give their contact details without their consent. We have to inform them first. We have to respect the agreement between them, employers and the Union,” he said

Natangwe again urged all Namibian workers to join the RU in order for them to enjoy the proper presentation.

Meanwhile, Affirmative Repositioning (AR) Leader and one of the RU founders, Job Amupanda, announced on his Facebook page that the workers of the two companies have joined the Union.

“Goodbye corrupt union. The Revolutionary Union will take it from here! Workers of Namibia will stand up and fight under the Revolutionary Union. Welcome the proletarians of Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining (Pty) Ltd!” Amupanda said in his social media post.

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