MPs call on real men to stand up

Martin Endjala

During the resumption of the debate on the Combating of Domestic Violence Amendment Bill in the National Council today MPs called on real men to stand up and move the country out of the morass of gender-based violence into a positive direction.

“It is sad how violence is becoming our daily news, children beating their parents and husbands abusing their wives. We need the real men to stop this mess,” says Ngunaihe Ueutjerevi.

The MP said that some men have lost the sense of sympathy and cultural norms, where men ought to be protectors and bread winners of their families, urging real men to stand up and stop running away from their responsibilities.

Another MP emphasised that the bill should not only look at the physical aspects of gender-based violence and rather to also include the emotional abuse aspects of the violence perpetrated.

“One might think physical abuse is severe than emotional, but the next person might argue it the other way round. Hence, emotional abuse should be included within the bill currently in discussion to reflect as such,’’ the MP stated.

Paulus Mbangu stressed saying that the urgency of the combating of domestic violence bill together with the combating of rape bill cannot be over emphasised and should be treated as such.

The outspoken Mbangu said that hundreds of lives are being lost due to the prolonged surge in GBV,

pointing out that it is high time that an end is put to this despicable crime.

The MP narrated his sentiments during a sit down with the Windhoek Observer last week.

The bills were referred from the National Assembly to the National Council for more debate before they are adopted.

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