MPs urged to be strong and carry on with the constitutional mandates

Martin Endjala

Following the passing of President Hage Geingob, National Council Vice Chairperson Victoria Kauma, has urged members of Parliament to use the little strength left in them to carry out their constitutional mandate.

“I observed that many of us are broken and weak due to the big loss of our Head of State who impacted many people’s lives in different ways.

I urge you all to pull-out the little strength left, in order for us to carry out the Constitutional mandate as provided for by Article 74 and 75 of the Namibian Constitution,” she urged.

She said this during the 11th session of the 6th National Council this week. Where she emphasised that the late President will be remembered for many things, among others such as giving up both his youthful and adult life to serve the Namibian people and the world.

Kauma reminded MPs that given the fact that the constitution of Namibia was a brainchild of the late President, she believes that constitutional mandate and provisions, compel the National Council to conduct its chamber business during this testing and difficult moment of the National Mourning Period.

Therefore, it is expected of them to conduct the chamber business in a manner, culture, practice and tradition in line with the African values for mourning.

Furthermore, she indicated that the business calendar for the session starting 7 – 15 February 2024 includes two bills which are at the second reading stage, various reports and a motion.

Hence, they ought to humble themselves, in the spirit of unity, and reaffirm their commitment to the principles upon which this great nation is founded.

“Our democracy is a living entity, evolving and adapting to the needs of our people. It is within these august house that we debate, legislate, and pave the course for the future of our nation,” she urged.

The year 2024 as it is unfolding she said, is already presenting titanic challenges, and citizens look upon them with hope, seeking solutions to the pressing issues that confront them.

Thereby stressing that they have an obligation to rise above all challenges, and put partisan divides aside, while fostering the spirit of unity and collaboration while facing the challenges head-on as they present themselves.

The MP noted that the strength of the country’s democracy lies in the vibrancy of their debates, the depth of their discussions, and the sincerity of its toil.

She appealed to MPs to engage in robust dialogue, respecting diverse perspectives and embracing collective intelligence, while also calling for parliamentary sessions to be a testament of patriotism and dedication to the ideals that have shaped the nation.

She wants contributions to be just, with bold actions and with collective efforts, to be a beacon of progress for generations to come.

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