MTC commits N$1.5 million for student bursaries

Martin Endjala

In a significant boost to higher education support in Namibia, the Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC), the country’s leading mobile telecommunications operator, has announced a commitment of N$1.5 million towards student bursaries.

This initiative is set to alleviate the financial challenges faced by 12 deserving students, who were awarded these bursaries in Windhoek yesterday.

The bursary recipients include a mix of six external students and six internal MTC ambassadors, all pursuing their higher education at local institutions.

Among the external beneficiaries are Anna Mary Ashipala, a 3rd-year law student at the University of Namibia (UNAM); Erkki Shilumbu and Willryna Basson, both in their 3rd year of finance degrees at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST); Valerio Brito Manuel, a 3rd-year computer science student at NUST; and Kadischa Wasserfall and Verner Haimbili, pursuing degrees in Business Information Systems and Computer Science at the International University of Management (IUM) and UNAM, respectively.

Elton Katangolo, MTC’s Acting Chief Commercial Officer, highlighted the corporation’s dedication to supporting the government’s efforts in education.

He pointed out that while NASFAF plays a significant role in student funding, the collective efforts of the corporate sector are crucial to ensure that students from less privileged backgrounds can complete their education and fulfil their dreams.

Katangolo stressed the importance of education in contributing to national development and expressed concern over the number of talented students forced to abandon their studies due to financial constraints.

He called for a collaborative approach to ensure that every deserving Namibian student has access to education.

Furthermore, MTC not only provides financial support through bursaries but also offers recipients experiential learning opportunities, work guidance, and potential employment.

Successful completion of their studies could lead to the integration of these students into MTC’s workforce, depending on their performance.

In addition to the bursary scheme, MTC, along with its partners, supports the Namibia National Internship Programme, providing work-integrated learning opportunities to students.

The MTC Rural Schools Project is another critical initiative aimed at enhancing the educational infrastructure, especially in rural areas, by building classrooms and supporting schools facing fundamental challenges.

Through these comprehensive efforts, MTC reaffirmed its commitment to nurturing talent and supporting the educational sector in Namibia, ensuring that more students can achieve their academic and professional goals.

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