MTC launches Knockout Project 2020

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MTC has launched the 2nd edition of the MTC Knockout Project 2020, as part of efforts to address homelessness in the country.

The MTC Knockout Project started last year as a social intervention program by MTC with the specific aim to address societal issues within our communities.

Last year’s initiative was aimed towards creating awareness around Gender-Based Violence in society when celebrities slugged it out exhibition boxing style during their three rounds bout of a minute each.

The 2020 edition according to the mobile company , will center on the issue of homelessness with the hope that the project will create awareness, spurring of a national debate and entice Namibians in finding concrete solutions to homelessness.

“With the theme “Together we can beat homelessness” the project is a call to action with two main objectives. Firstly, to raise awareness, create conversation and find solutions, and secondly to raise funds so that those who are experts can act,” MTC Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer, Tim Ekandjo.

According to MTC , this year’s modalities and event set up will see 30 Namibian personalities challenged/paired to get on stage at a live music concert and perform two hit songs of 30 popular Namibian artists.

The personalities are drawn from diverse fields within the Namibian society from sectors such as the arts, health, banking, fashion, industrial, technology, insurances and mining sectors.

“These personalities will be challenged to do the unthinkable in the interest of the cause. They will have to their disposal the artist who owns the two hit songs, a studio, a Choreographer, a Voice Coach, a Live Band, Professional Dancers and a Producer who will work with them for the next three months to get them ready for a performance of a lifetime, helping them to raise their voices and sing till we sing a roof over the heads of the homeless. During the next three months, these personalities and artist together with the rest of Namibia will become ambassadors and the voice for the homeless,” said Ekandjo.

This year’s edition has set the target of raising at least N$1 million. Corporates or individuals can participate in the following ways; (1) by pledging an amount of N$50,000 to endorse the participation of any of the personalities and get excellent brand value in return. If all 30 personalities are endorsed, that is a potential N$1.5 million raised in aid of homelessness.

The grand event will be on 3 Oct 2020 at the National Theatre of Namibia.

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