MTC launches TikTok bundles

Staff Writer

Driven by unswerving need to provide ever evolving solutions in the Namibia market, Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) recently launched its customized MTC TikTok Data Bundles, available for postpaid and prepaid customers.

The bundles which are exclusively for use for the TikTok Mobile Application, are available for all Prepaid and Postpaid customers, and the validity of the bundle according to the company , will only start once the customer utilizes the TikTok App.

“In addition, MTC, until 23 September 2020, will offer any customer that purchased any TikTok bundle an additional 10% of data.”

TikTok is a short-form video sharing app which, according to DataReportal, has surpassed 1.5 billion downloads and 500 million active users worldwide and mostly used for sharing user-generated videos, of people lip-synching to popular songs.

Users create and upload their own videos where they lip-sync, sing, dance, or imitating famous talks. It also offers users browsing platform to interact with another users’ content.

“As your best digital enabler that meets customer needs and committed to improve the lives of our customers through innovative digital solutions, we thus take pride in this product and certain that the customers will enjoy it” said Tim Ekandjo, MTC Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer

“We have heard our customers and hope that the launch of these bundles will enable them to make the most of what is arguably the fastest growing social platform among the youth. We are committed to providing products and solutions that resonate with our customers, and the introduction of our TikTok bundles is another such offering. We are happy to be part of customer solutions and enabling the 081Nation to conveniently be part of this innovative product.” added Ekandjo

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