Muharukua to focus on modernising agriculture, health care and education

Martin Endjala

Former Member of Parliament (MP) of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), Vipuakuje Muharukua, said his next move is to focus on agriculture, healthcare revitalisation, and education reform, which is close to his heart.

He said this in an interview with the Windhoek Observer on Thursday about his next move after resigning from the party and the National Assembly earlier this week.

“I hope that the citizenry and my leaders will perceive my work as emanating from an objective point of view. I will place significant emphasis on conducting research and writing on the possibilities of modernising these sectors,” Muharukua stated.

He added that the water desalination agenda, hydroponics, and the optimal use of the Ohangwena Aquifer have always been close to his heart.

These aspects of agriculture, he said, can serve as a means of permanent drought mitigation measures and avenues through which Namibia can transition to irrigated crops at both domestic and industrial levels.

He added that he intends to enlighten Namibians about the importance of demanding deliberate actions from the government.

“Notwithstanding my gratitude for the opportunity to serve, I do look forward to being a private citizen once again, and in embracing this new transition. I am eager to continue learning, contributing, and advocating for the betterment of our beloved Namibia,” Muharukua said.

While he looks forward to returning to life as an ordinary citizen, Muharukua stresses the importance of thoughtful voting and avoiding political games as the nation prepares for the November Presidential and National Assembly elections.

He believes this is not the time for political games but rather a critical moment for choosing a candidate who can lead the nation through challenging times, particularly given Namibia’s growing role on the global stage in the oil and gas sector.

“This is not a moment for political gimmicks and buffoonery. Namibia’s increasing importance on the global stage, particularly in our oil and gas sector, underscores the need for careful consideration when voting,” he said.

Muharukua added that it is imperative for voters to elect a candidate who can deliver wealth for Namibians and withstand foreign influences on the country’s extractive sector.

“With my insight, my first contribution will be a publication conducting a comparative analysis of the viability of the respective presidential candidates, of course, utilizing publicly available information and their party policies,” said Muharukua.

He explained that as a professional in his own right, he has taken time to carefully consider the decision to resign to allow PDM to have an MP who is prepared to champion its cause in the upcoming elections.

Responding to whether he will still be politically active, Muharukua explained that he is not a leader simply because he was in parliament; but that he was in parliament because he is a leader.

He said he will continue to engage in political work in one way or another.

“Article 17 of the Namibian Constitution affords me the latitude to participate in peaceful political activity, whether to influence the composition and policies of the government or even to form a political organization. My next course of action is, therefore, not limited in any way,” he added.

Reflecting on his nine years in parliament, Muharukua expressed gratitude to the Namibian people, the PDM, and colleagues from other parties for engaging in political debates.

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