Muharukua’s resignation from PDM and Parliament

Stefanus Nashama

The Popular Democratic Movement’s (PDM) member of the National Assembly, Vipuakuje Muharukua has resigned from the party and the Parliament.

His resignation was confirmed by the party’s secretary-general, Manuel Mgaringombe on Tuesday, who said that Muharukua resigned due to personal political connections.

Ngaringombe said Muharukua submitted his resignation on Monday.

“Yes, he has resigned indeed, we have acknowledged his resignation from the party and the National Assembly,” he said.

Ngaringombe stated that it’s within Muharukua’s democratic rights to resign and place his life where he wants to be.

“We are in a democratic society and PDM is a democratic political organisation. We have no right to stop him from resigning,” he commented.

Questioned if Muharukua would join another political party, Ngaringombe said that he was not a prophet.

“We wish him all the best. We also acknowledged his contribution to the party and the entire nation,” he said.

Ngaringombe added that the party would soon disclose the name of the next person on the list that will replace Muharukua in Parliament.

A source from the PDM indicated that Muharukua was considering challenging the party’s president, McHenry Venaani for the top position at the upcoming elective congress.

The PDM is set to host its elective congress in May.

Some factions are supporting Venaani to run for the presidential position uncontested.

“I am left with unanswered questions regarding his resignation. I believe something politically is amiss between Muharukua and other party members,” said the source.

Despite all the speculations, last week Muharukua was quoted as saying that he was not interested in any positions.

Muharukua, a former party chief whip in Parliament, entered the National Assembly at the age of 31 on the PDM’s ticket in 2014.

At the time, he became the second youngest person to be elected into the Namibian Parliament after Venaani who was 25 when he entered parliament in 2002.

Efforts to get a comment from Muharukua were in vain as his number remained unreachable.

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