Mumbala, Shipwikineni trade jabs over Special Conference calls

Stefanus Nashama

SWAPO //Karas region Regional Coordinator, Mathew Mumbala has labeled former SPYL Erongo Regional Executive Committee member, Reinhold Shipwikineni as a toothless dog that bark for the sake of making noise.

This come after Shipwikineni openly supported former Youth Minister, Jerry Ekandjo’s request for a Swapo Party Special Conference to pick a presidential candidate.

He said Shipwikineni has no idea what he is doing and barks for the sake of it like a toothless dog.

“We are dealing with an individual, who not even within party structures. He should keep barking like a toothless dog,” he said.

Mumbala urged party members in the region to be cautious about what they say to the media.

Mumbala pointed out that the media has the same agenda as opposition parties, which merely criticise and offer no solutions.

“Be wary of the media. The media is on the same level as the opposition political parties. Media outlets exist to sell news and to criticise, just as oppositions criticise,” he said.

This comes after a source disclosed last week that the Swapo //Karas leadership is divided as a result of Ekandjo’s, proposal for an extraordinary congress.

According to a source who requested anonymity owing to his involvement in the //Karas Region and the Swapo party as a whole, while some Swapo members may see the idea of extraordinary congress as right, others may not, as they are rguing that it is harmful to the Swapo leadership in the //Karas Region.

Mumbala, on the other hand, told Windhoek Observer yesterday that there is no divide in the Swapo leadership in the //Karas Region and that there is no need for an extraordinary congress.

He stated that he is aware of a Special Conference, which would endorse the presidential candidate.

“As I speak to you, the party has a president, vice president, secretary general, and deputy secretary general, all of whom were chosen during the party’s last December convention,” he continued.

“There is nothing like an extraordinary congress to divide us, and there is no need for it. Those are cowards who don’t want to be exposed for what they say,” Mumbala remarked.

He questioned why people want to stay anonymous if they know what they are saying?

“When you report, you will say Mumbala says this while they do not want to come to light,” he said.

He stated that he has no time to listen to or deal with cowards since they speak while hiding.

‘Make yourself recognised and declare I Mumbala is saying this. Why are they and don’t want us to know?” he queried.

Mumbala stated that no one in the //Karas Region is aware of the exceptional congress.

“As usual, we are united; we are not divided. The only congress I know of is in 2027, otherwise there is no extraordinary congress,” he added.

Meanwhile, responding to Mumbala’s comment, Shipwikineni said that the Swapo Party cannot be developed and pushed by those who lack ideas like Mumbala.

“People like him (Mumbala) are incapable of thinking outside the box. He has no idea what I’m referring to. He should understand that when a dog barks, something is wrong. As a result, I am screaming on issues that exist,” he emphasised.

Shipwikineni pointed out that according to the party’s Constitution, he has the right to free speech and expression, as well as the right to demand what is right.

According to Shipwikineni, he is not after defending personal interests and is not against anyone vern Party vice-president Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah.

Swapo National Spokesperson, Hilma Nicanor last week highlighted that the congress, which was attended by party officials and delegates from all areas, was done and dusted.

As a result, she urged party members, supporters, and sympathisers not to be perplexed by any unusual congress.

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