MUN secures favourable salary deal for Rössing workers

Niël Terblanché

The Mine Workers Union of Namibia (MUN) Rössing Branch Executive Committee (BEC) has successfully negotiated a three-year wage agreement with Rössing Uranium, securing salary increments for workers for the next three years.

This agreement, effective from 18 January, applies to employees belonging to the bargaining unit in Grades 1 to 11 and those in the L Band.

After successful negotiations earlier in January, it was agreed that employees in Grades 1 to 11 will receive a six percent increase in 2024, followed by another six percent in 2025, and seven percent in 2026. Employees in the L Band will see a seven percent increase in 2024 and a six percent increase in both 2025 and 2026.

Lana Maletzky, Rössing Uranium’s Employee Relations Advisor, acknowledged the mature and constructive approach of the MUN Branch Executive team during the negotiation process.

She stressed that the agreement, ensuring salary increments for the next three years, is a significant achievement, reflecting a mutual understanding of the business challenges.

Both parties have also agreed to revisit and update procedural and related agreements within the next three months.

Stanislaus Iimbonde, Chairman of the MUN Rössing Branch, expressed his satisfaction with the amicable resolution of the negotiations.

He reiterated the union’s role in protecting and promoting its members’ interests, emphasizing the importance of a conducive working environment. Iimbonde commended the swift conclusion of the wage negotiations and encouraged both parties to maintain their cooperative relationship.

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