Municipal bus fares to increase

Martin Endjala

The City of Windhoek has announced that it will be increasing its municipal bus fares effective from the 1st August 2022 in line with the government gazette 7843 N258-286 and the city of Windhoek tariffs for the 2022/23 financial year.

This was confirmed by the administrative officer and acting accountant financial and administrative officer at the department of Urban and Transport Planning Anneline Gases today in conversations with Windhoek Observer.

Smart card fare is expected to increase from its current N$7.50 by N$1.00, which translate into N$8.50 per trip. While Cash fare is expected to increase from its current N$8.50 to N$9.50 per trip. Passengers are advised to obtain receipt from bus drivers every time they commute municipal buses in exchange for their payment.

Further being cautioned that passengers who do not have receipt will be regarded as an illegal passenger and will be asked to pay or leave the bus by the bus inspector or the city police officer.

However, passengers are also being advised to report bus drivers who refuses to provide them with a receipt to either the bus inspector or city police officer at the nearest checkpoint.
Gases emphasized that the new tariffs will only come into effective as from the 1st of August 2022 and that the current tariffs is still in place, pointing out that bus commuters can still pay the current fares.

Now these increment comes in the wake of sky rocketing fuel prices globally which has affected the country’s economy with all eyes glued at the government on its next step in providing reprieve to its citizens as well as to the Ukraine and Russia war that has taken the world by storm as many have not anticipated that it could escalate to this magnitude.

However, Gases reiterated that, before every financial year, tariffs are discussed and then gazzatted by the government, a process that is continues and thus she is of the view that it has nothing to do with fuel price increment at all.

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