N$10 million used so far to renovate Katutura State Hospital

Stefanus Nashama

The Ministry of Works and Transport has so far utilised N$10 million of the allocated N$40 million for the renovation of the Katutura Intermediate State Hospital.

The executive director of the Ministry of Works and Transport, Esther Kaapanda disclosed this while inspecting the progress of the work done at the hospital on Friday.

“We are happy with the work being done by different contractors. We acknowledged finishing the work on time and within budget,” she said.

She pointed to challenges such as the management and relocation of patients to other wards that the renovation work is facing.

“We have to make sure patients are moved to other wards, which takes some time, to ensure that the renovation work is carried out without any of the people being injured,” Kaapanda stressed.

The Katutura Intermediate Hospital, which was built more than 50 years ago, received N$40 million from the government through the works ministry, which is currently busy with the renovation of the medical facility.

The money was made available in January this year and the works ministry is renovating six of the hospital’s eight floors.

Last year the government, through the Ministry of Health and Social Services renovated the eighth and the sixth floors.

This year, only the fourth floor has been renovated, according to Kaapanda.

She said some contractors have already been paid, based on the satisfaction of the work completed.

“These contractors are doing a great job for the development of our country. They are doing well with this renovation,” she said.

According to Kaapanda, the hospital renovation also provides an opportunity for vocational trainees to apply and practice their skills.

Sem Iimbili, a vocational training graduate working on hospital renovations expressed his happiness at being given the opportunity.

He stated that this opportunity not only provides him with a temporary job but also allows him to utilise and practice his skills.

“I am very happy to work here. This is an opportunity for me to improve my skills in practice. It has also improved my financial status,” Iimbili expressed.

Julius Ngweda, the spokesperson of the works ministry, said a total of 18 companies have been given the tender to carry out the renovation work.

He added that there are some among these companies that are specialised in urgent renovation work so that other companies can work freely.

“We are delighted by the progress made so far. We hope by next week, the management will move patients to the fourth floor which is already renovated so that companies are free to renovate the third floor,” Ngweda said.

The renovation of the hospital is planned to be completed by June.

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