N$4.9 million police barracks at Bravo Checkpoint

Obrein Simasiku

Police officers stationed at Bravo checkpoint in the Oshikoto Region were ecstatic, as the Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga inaugurated the N$4.9 million accommodation structures.

The checkpoint is one of the strategic policing facilities which regulates the Veterinary Cordon Fence, situated on the Tsumeb-Tsintsabis-Mpungu road.

“I must emphasise that the acquisition of these facilities come at the right time, when some of the members deployed in Oshikoto Region stay in houses under poor conditions. Whereas some stay in rented houses and flats to come and provide policing services in this town, due to the lack of accommodation. I am therefore confident that, with these facilities, we will be able to provide accommodation to some of the members, particularly those working at this Control Gate and subsequently improve their productivity,” said Ndeitunga.

“I must express my concern, however, that some members accommodated in Government facilities are not taking good care of such facilities, leading to the dilapidation thereof,” warned the Police Chief.

“I urge all officers who would be accommodated here to take good care of these facilities. This will enable us to utilise the facilities for a very long time and even for the generations to come, to make use of it and be proud of you as their predecessors.”

The facilities comprise a set of two, two-bedroom flats with carports, external works, rehabilitation of existing boreholes, expansion of the existing conservancy tank and the installation of an off-grid solar photovoltaic system, all at a cost of N$4 983 822.

Ndeitunga revealed that records over the past years show, the most prevalent crimes committed in Oshikoto Region are assault with intent to do Grievously Bodily Harm (GBH), rape, theft, housebreaking and stock theft.

“As a result, we have to streamline our work approaches so as to meet the public expectations, in terms of safety and security. One of our concepts to achieve that is to create conducive environment for police officers to work in. This includes the provision of accommodation, office space, equipment and other resources. Hence, these newly acquired official accommodations are a step in the right direction,”

“I must stress that we live in times where the fear of crime sends shivers along the spines of many citizens, due to the manner in which they are committed. This indeed gives us sleepless nights, and I am sure it is not only the police but all role players in the criminal justice system are affected,” he sympathised.

Furthermore, he reassured the members that, the management of the Namibian Police has their concerns at heart, hence remains resolute to improving the living conditions of officers.



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