NALOBA calls for there structuring of the mining sector

Martin Endjala

The Namibia Local Business Association (NALOBA) is advocating for the restructuring of the mining sector to benefit all Namibians.

The association believes that the country’s natural resources should benefit all sectors and the Namibian people at large, citing the current structures as not sufficiently conducive.

NALOBA aims to hold friendly and professional discussions with all foreign mining companies registered in Namibia to renegotiate shareholding compositions.

This initiative seeks to enable both the government and the business community to derive profound benefits from the country’s natural resources.

Peter Kanu Amadhila, the Vice President of NALOBA, mentioned in an interview with the Windhoek Observer that the approach will be amiable, provided all parties are agreeable.

He, however, cautioned that it could become mandatory if refusals or tensions exist between the parties.

“Many foreign mining companies have already recouped their investments and are now reaping the benefits. Our government and its people, the legitimate owners of the resources, need to benefit, and the time is now,” argued Amadhila.

He stressed that NALOBA is not intimidating investors, adding that genuine investors share the sentiments of NALOBA and the Namibian people.

Amadhila urged the entire nation, including President Hage Geingob, to fully support their initiative, labelling it a “friendly” exercise for the comprehensive benefit of the people.

Meanwhile, Paulus Situmba, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Mines and Workers Union of Namibia (MUN), welcomed any move in the direction of direct benefit to the Namibian people and, specifically, to the working class in the mining sector.

“We hope that whatever negotiations ensue, they will drive the agenda of a win-win situation, especially for the workers at the forefront of production,” said Situmba.

He further emphasized the need for those at the forefront of production, who work tirelessly, to be rewarded with more than just subsistence wages, advocating for tangible and decent living wages.

Situmba also expressed that it is imperative for mining companies to allow workers to own shares in the entities they work for, enabling them to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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