NAMCOL CEO confirms investigations into misappropriated funds

Stefanus Nashama

Namibian College of Open Learning’s (NAMCOL) Chief Executive Officer, Heroldt Murangi, said there are ongoing internal investigations on reported misappropriated funds at the institution.

He made the revelations yesterday to Windhoek Observer upon enquiry, of an alleged N$3 million that went missing. The allegations were made by the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) Movement’s leader, Job Amupanda.

Murangi said that he is not aware that N$3 million was stolen from the institution but he is aware of certain funds that were misappropriated. He added that he does not know what the actual amount is and that he is waiting for a detailed report.

“I am expecting a report on the accountant matter by next week. Once I received it, I will then pronounce myself on the issue through proper channels of information sharing. I only heard about the social media posts of the allegations by Amupanda that were forwarded to me by my colleagues since I am not on social media,” he said.

Murangi said NAMCOL tolerates zero corruption, and whoever misappropriated the funds will be held accountable.

On his social media posts, Amupanda said there has been close to N$3 million stolen from students’ funds by NAMCOL management for enjoyment by “stooges closer to corrupt politicians”.

He said one of the reasons he wants to take over the country is because the “corrupt regime” is not only stealing everything but is also secretly stealing from the future, and the alleged theft is being hidden from the public.

“One of the reasons why we must take over our country is that the corrupt regime is not only stealing everything, they are also secretly stealing the future of our children,” he claimed.

He thus, demanded that NAMCOL issue a public statement to pronoun their position on the matter.

He also alleged that there is a disagreement within the institution’s management, with some wanting to keep the matter hidden while others want the public to know the truth.

“Since they are zigzagging, the public is hereby informed that a female accountant at NAMCOL transferred millions into her personal bank account,” he alleged.

Amupanda believes that the reason that this information is hidden from the public is that more people including politicians are involved in “eating students” money.

Adding that the more NAMCOL fails to inform the public about the allegations, the more he will keep revealing details.

A NAMCOL staff member who spoke on condition of anonymity said, the allegations are made to tarnish and damage the reputation of the institution.

“I am aware of the allegations by Amupanda. But NAMCOL doors are open for everyone. I do not think it is good and fair for him to go on social media without proof while he never approached the institution,” said the source.

NAMCOL is a state-owned educational institution created by an Act of Parliament (Act 1 of 1997) to provide learning opportunities for adults and out-of-school youth.

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