Namib Mills locks out NEFF

Obrein Simasiku

Namib Mills had a rude awakening today, as it became the latest target of the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) which appeared at its doorsteps unannounced demanding to engage the management who had a low key presence in their offices.

The delegation led by NEFF’s Commissar for Economic Development, Michael Amushelelo, sought to have a discussion with Namib Mills’ management relating to employee’s wellness, remuneration and unfair labour practices. This however, did not go as planned as the group was not allowed inside the premises. In return, after losing hope of a productive dialogue, Amushelelo blocked the main entrance to the production area in an attempt to induce the management to bow to their plan.

Namib Mills’ spokesperson Selma Moongo said the company has no comment at the moment.

The group spent close to two hours in their failed attempt to have the management listen to them. In December last year, Namib Mills workers staged a demonstration regarding the status of their pension fund and the alleged ill-treatment of workers at the company’s premises in Windhoek. It is alleged that Namib Mills moved employees’ pension to another fund without consulting the workers.

Just last week Amushelelo had also stormed Polyoak Packaging in Windhoek, including Cheetah Cement outside Otjiwarongo and a number of other workplaces in the ERongo Region a fortnight ago.

According to Amushelelo Polyoak management and NEFF have come to terms following a meeting.

“We have established that the company will undergo a restructuring process, that will look at various combined responsibilities. We have gotten assurance from management to work closely with the company to ensure that Job security is maintained and look at avenues to manage the process swiftly,” he wrote on his social media page.

“We have thus also established that Government has left these manufacturing companies at the helm of market exploitation without any incentives to keep jobs and businesses. NEFF as a political party with policy makers will take these concerns to the National Assembly for the legislature to create a conducive environment for businesses.”

Despite the disruption his activities are said to cause to businesses so ambushed, Amushelelo insists that his actions are of peaceful nature to engage businesses on issues affecting the working class and how to grow the economy collectively.

“We must at all times find grounds for engagement for the betterment of productivity in all spheres. A happy working class leads to a fruitful economic growth and job creation,” he said.

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