Namibia and Ghana embark on a tourism and business initiative

Martin Endjala

The Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) and the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB), in collaboration with their Ghanaian counterparts, have initiated a tourism and business initiative aimed at boosting trade between the two countries.

In Namibia, this initiative is scheduled to run from 18 to 25 November with the possibility of extending it into December.

Charmaine Matheus, Head of Marketing at NTB, stressed the importance of African countries engaging in trade with each other.

She pointed out that the visit by the Ghanaian delegation to tour Namibia serves as a means of mutual understanding and an opportunity to explore what each country has to offer.

“Namibia is a country blessed with vast landscapes and breathtaking beauty. With cooperation between African countries, strengthened bilateral relations can be further enhanced through initiatives like this. The tourism industry has tremendous potential to contribute to both the Namibian and Ghanaian economies,” Matheus said.

She mentioned that among the Ghanaian delegation are several business owners who are interested in investing in Namibia.

However, before committing to investments, they aim to familiarize themselves with Namibia’s business models. Hence, NTB’s decision to organize a tour initiative in Namibia.

Margareth Gustavo, NIPDB’s Strategic and Branding Executive Director, explained that their mandate is to create a level playing field for all industry stakeholders looking to invest in Namibia.

Additionally, they aim to connect local and international businesses, facilitating trade and collaboration between different countries.

Gustavo noted that Namibia is striving to diversify its economy, with a focus on initiatives like green hydrogen and the recent discovery of oil and gas.

However, she emphasized that the country cannot rely solely on green hydrogen and must explore other sectors. The tourism sector, in particular, offers opportunities for smart partnerships and alternative business models.

Gustavo encouraged content creators to explore these business models within the tourism sector, as they have the potential to generate employment and showcase Namibia’s stunning landscapes to the world.

Furthermore, Gustavo stated that NIPDB will continue to facilitate potential business opportunities between Namibia and other countries.

She stressed the significance of initiatives like this in promoting mutual understanding among African nations, which is crucial for successful trade.

Gustavo also highlighted Namibia’s political stability and its legislative framework, including the unique aspect of having environmental protection enshrined in the country’s constitution, making it an attractive destination for investment.

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