Namibia celebrates new level of aviation safety

Niël Terblanché

By celebrating advancements in aviation safety, the Namibia Airports Company (NAC) has proudly announced Namibia’s significant progress in the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme – Continuous Monitoring Approach (USOAP-CMA).

According to Dank Kamati, the NAC’s spokesperson, the audit was conducted between 6 and 18 March 2024, this comprehensive audit scrutinized the effectiveness of Namibia’s aviation safety oversight systems, benchmarking them against the globally recognized ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs).

Emerging from the audit with a commendable preliminary score of 72.31 percent, Namibia has not only surpassed its previous 2016 score of 57.39 percent but also exceeded the regional average for Eastern and Southern Africa (60 percent) and the global average (69.3 percent).

Kamati said that the achievement marks a key milestone in the country’s aviation sector, reflecting a robust improvement in its safety performance.

The audit’s positive outcome proves the collaborative efforts and diligent preparations of NAC and various stakeholders within the Namibian aviation industry.

Emphasizing the strategic role of NAC as the custodian of the country’s main airports, the Chief Executive Officer, Bisey /Uirab, expressed firm confidence in Namibia’s aviation safety systems.

He pointed out that the remarkable score is a “vote of confidence” in the safety and security of air travel to and within Namibia, a country known for its vast opportunities and breathtaking landscapes.

He said the certification of Hosea Kutako International Airport underscores Namibia’s commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and security.

/Uirab reiterated the importance of ongoing collaboration among all stakeholders to preserve the momentum generated during the audit.

“The objective is clear: to sustain the oversight responsibilities and ensure a robust state oversight system that will continue to safeguard Namibia’s airspace,” he said.

The NAC vowed to keep channelling resources towards the development and maintenance of airport facilities.

According to /Uirab the NAC’s vision is to cultivate world-class airports that will contribute to Namibia’s prosperity.

“This endeavour is not only about enhancing the physical infrastructure but also about reinforcing the country’s reputation as a safe and secure destination for air travel,” he said.

Namibia’s achievement in the ICAO safety audit is a beacon of progress in the global aviation landscape, illustrating what can be accomplished through dedication, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Kamati said the final report from ICAO is still awaited and added that there is optimistic anticipation that the detailed outcomes will align closely with the preliminary results, further cementing Namibia’s position as a leader in aviation safety.

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