Namibia chair SADC Fisheries Monitoring Control Centre

Namibia will chair the SADC Fisheries Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance Coordination Centre (MCSCC) for the next two years.
The SADC Ministers of Agriculture, Food Security, Fisheries, and Aquaculture confirmed Stanley Ndara as the MCSCC board chairperson last week.
The board will be driving the process to operationalize the MCSCC and ensure that we improve regional efforts to combat illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.
Ndara is also chairperson of the SADC Fisheries Regional Technical Team for the MCSCC’s establishment.
“Having a Namibian as the chairperson of an important regional technical team within SADC showcases Namibia’s expertise and leadership in the fisheries sector. This helps enhance Namibia’s reputation as a competent and responsible player in the regional fisheries industry,” he said.
He added that by being on the board, Namibia can contribute to the development of effective monitoring, control, and surveillance mechanisms in the region.
“This can lead to improved fisheries management practices, better enforcement of regulations, and ultimately sustainable utilisation of marine resources. Being actively involved in the establishment of the MCSCC provides Namibian fisheries professionals with opportunities to gain valuable experience and expertise. This can lead to capacity building within Namibia’s fisheries sector, as well as facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration with other SADC member states,” said Ndara.

REPORTER: Ester Mbathera

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