Namibia Dairies makes a bold move on planned retrenchments

Martin Endjala

One of the Ohlthaver&List group subsidiaries, Namibia Dairies is reported to have had a change of heart about its plans to further retrench its employees.

The change in plans, according to the managing director, Leoni Prinsloo came after continuous dialogue with various companies in the group to see how best to provide relief to employees to secure livelihoods.

The group has redeployed about 31 employees on permanent basis and across various operating companies within the O&L group. About 127 workers were also identified for retrenchment ainxw October last year.

Sources within Namibia Dairies hinted that the company has returned some of its retrenched workers to work on contract basis.

The recalling is solely based on availability of either permanent positions, where an incumbent has resigned, retired or on a temporary basis.

When asked if this was a cheaper option either than having them all on permanent basis, Prinsloo pointed out that they are guided by equitable benchmarked internal salary scales, which are applied to all forms of employment.

Additionally, Prinsloo said that, “the temporary or fixed term employment contracts offered are exceptions over and above normal operational requirements and or NOT a full-time requirement for business. As a result of the nature of the dairy industry, seasonally fluctuating raw milk volumes, consumer demand and so internal production capacities, are the norm”.

The MD stated that the economic climate, influenced by global events and the on-going aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, still continue to impact negatively their business.

“As a breakthrough organization, we however remain focused on creating new thinking and driving new business models to create realities that ensure the sustainability and future of Namibia Dairies and its people”, Prinsloo determined.

Despite the ups and downs, the companies believe in the O&L Groups’ inspirational purpose of

‘Creating a future, enhancing life’. ‘’Which is complimented by our mantra of ‘Anything is possible’, has been the greatest driving force behind our business decisions, including the restructuring currently in progress, scheduled to be completed by 31 August 2022”, Prinsloo said.

With recent, critical focus on and demand of purposeful performance and ownership, the managing director firmly believes that they will imminently start reaping the benefits of the business, products, and its people.

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