Namibia set to host prestigious AHIF and AviaDev events

Niël Terblanché

Namibia has taken a significant step in promoting its growing hospitality and aviation sectors by hosting the Africa Hospitality Investment Forum (AHIF) and AviaDev conferences.

These events are expected to create new opportunities for Namibian stakeholders and strengthen the nation’s position as a key player in these industries.

A collaborative local networking reception was held at the Mercure Hotel in Windhoek to kickstart the excitement for the upcoming AHIF and AviaDev conferences, scheduled for June 2024 in Windhoek.

The receptions earlier this month served as a platform for local businesses, government officials, and industry professionals to explore the vast potential within the hospitality and aviation sectors.

The recent local networking reception allowed stakeholders to meet with key industry players, foster collaborations, and network.

The conferences in 2024 are expected to facilitate knowledge exchange, provide insights into the latest industry trends, and discuss investment prospects and best practices. These activities will ultimately benefit the local workforce and drive industry development.

The Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB) and the Namibia Airports Company (NAC) secured the bids to host the conferences in June 2023. Winning the bids marked a crucial milestone in advancing Namibia’s hospitality and aviation industries, bringing numerous opportunities for the nation.

By hosting these annual conferences in 2024, Namibia is strategically positioning itself for long-term growth. The country’s commitment to becoming a key player in the African hospitality and aviation sectors is underscored, solidifying Namibia’s status as a growing hub for hospitality and aviation investment.

This spotlight is expected to attract investors and industry leaders, potentially having a significant economic impact on Namibia.

It will foster partnerships and generate revenue for local businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and transportation services.

The conferences will provide a platform to showcase Namibia’s natural beauty, unique cultural offerings, and diverse landscapes, enticing tourists to visit and explore the country.

Nangula Uaandja, the Chief Executive Officer of the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB), stated Namibia’s readiness to play a prominent role in Africa’s hospitality and aviation industries.

She said that hosting the annual conference in June 2024 is a strategic move to amplify Namibia’s untapped potential and attract potential partners for mutual economic gains.

Bisey Uirab, the Chief Executive Officer of the Namibia Airports Company, assured the company’s commitment to AHIF and AviaDev to boost economic development in Africa by enhancing the hospitality and aviation sectors.

Matthew Weihs, Managing Director of The Bench, remarked on the significance of AHIF in bringing together industry leaders, investors, developers, and government officials from around the world. He expressed delight in showcasing Namibia’s remarkable potential in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Jon Howell, CEO and Founder of AviaDev, shared the excitement among aviation professionals and stakeholders about bringing AviaDev to Namibia.

Howell believes that this event will be a catalyst for new connections and business opportunities in the region.

Namibian businesses will be able to attend both events at discounted local rates, making it even more accessible for them to explore the wealth of opportunities these conferences offer.

According to the organisers, the events promise to be a turning point in Namibia’s journey toward becoming a prominent player in Africa’s hospitality and aviation sectors, ultimately benefiting the nation’s economy and development.

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