Namibia to borrow 11 500 tablets from Kenya for census

Eba Kandovazu

THE Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) Chief Statistician, Alex Shimuafeni, says although N$1.1 billion is needed for the population census in August, 11 500 tablets will be borrowed from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

Shimuafeni says negotiations between the two organisations are ongoing, and that the NSA will cover for the tablets’ transportation, storage and insurance. He stresses that the N$1.1 billion will cover the training of 11 500 enumerators, their salaries, vehicles and accommodation, among others. Shimuafeni adds he is confident that the remaining money will be received on time before August.

However, he cannot say whether or not N$ 1.1 billion was used for previous censuses in the country, saying that the NSA was a government department. “I am on leave at the moment so I do not have the exact calculation but back then government halls were used, vehicles, etc,” Shimuafeni informs.

He also reveals that a pilot census was conducted in December last year explaining that the organising process is running smoothly, and that they are also looking to include water points.

This year’s population census will be digital. Shimuafeni was quoted saying that the NSA has taken a keen interest in sensitising Namibians about the forthcoming census and making sure they understand why they should participate in the process.

According to him, the census also determines the allocation of resources to key targets for the country.

“When we talk of the census, we must understand that it is very vital to the allocation of the resources that we use. It also affects how other service providers plan and execute their plans,” he says.


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