Namibian airports achieve success in ICAO safety audit

Niël Terblanché

Namibia’s aviation sector achieved a significant milestone when the Namibia Airports Company along with key stakeholders, successfully passed the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) safety audit.

The certification is the result of the implementation of improved regulatory compliance and safety measures.

The audit, which scrutinized the performance of the Hosea Kutako International Airport and the Walvis Bay International Airport, highlighted the country’s dedication to elevating its aviation standards.

The results of the audit were announced by the Namibia Civil Aviation Authority’s (NCAA) Executive Director, Toska Sem who pointed to the significant strides made since the last evaluation in 2016.

According to Sem, the implementation of more stringent regulations has been crucial in achieving these advancements.

She said that the audit covered eight critical elements and areas, with legislation scoring impressively over 90 percent.

“Areas such as organization, air navigation services, aircraft accident and incident investigation, aerodrome and ground aids, airworthiness of aircraft, flight operations, and personnel licensing all showed remarkable scores above 60 percent, demonstrating comprehensive improvement across the board,” Sem said.

According to Sem, the audit also shed light on areas requiring further attention, particularly the resolution of safety concerns by the NCAA, which was identified as low.

Sem stressed the necessity of intensifying the enforcement process to ensure sustained compliance within the industry, highlighting the importance of continuous improvement in maintaining safety standards.

The Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme, under which this evaluation was conducted, plays a crucial role in assessing and enhancing the aviation sector’s oversight capabilities.

This audit not only serves as a benchmark for Namibia’s aviation safety but also reinforces the country’s commitment to adhering to international standards and recommended practices.

By undergoing this rigorous audit, Namibia has reaffirmed its dedication to maintaining high safety standards in its aviation sector, achieving an impressive average score of 72.31 percent.

Sem said that the accomplishment reflects the collective effort of the Namibia Airports Company Limited, NCAA, and other stakeholders in prioritizing safety and regulatory compliance, thereby ensuring the well-being of passengers and the efficiency of operations in Namibia’s skies.

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