Namibian diaspora needed for development – Swanu

Martin Endjala

SWANU President Tangeni Iyambo is concerned about Namibians in the diaspora who do not come back home and apply their knowledge gained locally such as in government services.

Iyambo raised this yesterday during the 8th State of the Nation Address by President Hage Geingob in Parliament yesterday.

He said young people who gained knowledge through attending foreign universities should plough their knowledge back at home

Himself foreign educated, Iyambo said they had to leave the country as they were systematically deprived by apartheid of receiving quality education.

The system forced them to endure hardship in order to be literate Namibians to serve their country and the future generation.

“We cannot be talking about the future, and yet we do not empower them (future generation)”, Iyambo stated.

He said that for the youth to claim their rightful place as the future of the country, they need to be thoroughly empowered, adding that the hard earned education should not be lost and used to advance the country.

‘’Our diaspora will help better than having the wrong people in the right places in the country, for better development and national development,’’ Iyambo opined adding that the end result for

brain drain, is losing precious brains being drained to greener pastures.

He said once these brains are lost, they are gone for good and the country won’t benefit from them nor will they return while the status quo of the country remains stagnant.



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