Namibian Football Association Embraces Women’s Empowerment in Football Leadership

Football Coordinator of the Namibia Football Association (NFA), recently participated in the CAF Women’s Football Capacity Building Workshop held in Cairo, Egypt, from 26-29 February.

This workshop brought together representatives from 48 African countries, aiming to empower women in football leadership roles through comprehensive training and resources.

With a focus on providing participants with essential skills, strategies, confidence, and networking opportunities, the workshop aimed to equip women in football administration with the tools they need to excel in their careers and make a significant impact in the football industry.

Hamupolo emphasized the importance of women administrators in football, highlighting their role in providing visible career pathways for young women to enter the profession. She emphasized that the more women administrators there are, the more female players, coaches, and referees will emerge, thus inspiring and encouraging the next generation of girls to pursue their passion for football.

Expressing her commitment to sharing the knowledge and skills acquired at the workshop with her colleagues at the NFA and other relevant stakeholders, Hamupolo reiterated her dedication to advancing women’s participation and leadership in football in Namibia.

The workshop was facilitated by esteemed experts in women’s football, including Thuba Sibanda, Simon Toselli, Raul Chipenda, Meskerem Goshime, and Muhammad F Sidat, all of whom brought valuable insights and experiences to the participants. Hamupolo’s participation underscores NFA’s commitment to advancing women’s football and fostering a more inclusive and diverse football landscape in the country.

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